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PlantCam Project

Year One have been doing an experiment to see what a plant needs to live and grow.

PlantCam Photo

We have three different plants:

  • On the right we have a plant that has light and soil but is not being watered
  • In the middle we have a plant that has light and soil and is being watered
  • On the left we have a plant that is in soil and is watered, but you can't see it as it is in a box and is not getting any light.

By each one (on the box for the plant that is not getting any light) is a picture of how each plant looked at the start of the experiment. Year one have made predictions about what will happen to the three plants, and, by changing just one thing, are carrying out a Fair Test.

We have a webcam taking a picture of the plants every 30 minutes.

To see the time lapse effects please click here or click on any of the photos above, when the new window opens sit back and watch the magic happen or click on the movie picture to see the images as they were taken...

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