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Here at Lowther we have a proactive community programme where children can develop responsible and responsive relationships within their environs and locality.

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  New Library Official Opening
  Community Kindness
  Supporting Lowther

At Lowther we really appreciate, value (and need), the fabulous contributions our community makes to the school. Whether this be financial support, helping out with events, offering skills and advice, volunteering in class and trips or just being supportive of the school generally. Thank you all for the amazing way you support our school.

On our website 'Fundraising page' you will find all of the quick and easy details and links for how you can support the school financially via our new donations platform "Enthuse".

Over the years the generous donations made by parents has made such a positive difference to the school, allowing us to purchase additional resources and fund exciting projects. Please do help in any way you can.

Indeed, some of our parents make monthly donations by direct debit to the school account (via Enthuse) Did you know?

£3 a month from every family across the school would give the school an extra £10,000 a year to support the children's learning. Isn't that incredible?!

If you increased that to a donation of £5 a month that would equate to over £15,000. Imagine what sort of resources we could provide for the children with those additional funds...

Please do consider if this is something you'd like to do.

Your support really is greatly appreciated.

  Allotment Makeover
  Our New Library
  Barnes Food Fair Prep
  Community Well-being
  Barnes Litfest
  Lowther Summer Fair
  Eid Al-fitr Celebration
  Chinese New Year
  Peace Messages
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Barnes Food Fair Prep
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