At Lowther we love Music. We have lots of interesting music activities available to keep us engaged and learning. Here's a snapshot of some of our music works, activities and events.
  Breakfast Bell Ringing
  Choir Flash Mob
  Holi Colours Celebration Song
  Rocksteady Bands Showcase
  Bell Ringing
  Music Assembly
  Choir Concert
  Music in Action
  Musical Microbits
  Sing Along
  Ukelele Movie

Lowther music! Our Ukelele club had the opportunity to record one of their songs at a proper music studio today (look out for the song on our social media and website, coming soon) What an awesome experience for them. Thanks to the Powerstation for the opportunity!

  Al Fresco Music Session

Just your average Lowther music lesson! The whole school has been learning the ukulele with Mr G... here are Y3 taking their learning outside!

  Music Workshop
  Emily's Song
  Choir Performance
  New Song
  Music Lessons
Music lessons with Mr Gradidge are proving a big hit this year. Here's to lots more music fun at Lowther! Thanks to our awesome PTA for supporting our music plans.
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