Lowther Staff - Teaching Team
All of the Lowther School Family Staff are fully committed to providing a fantastic education for each and every pupil.
Lowther Teaching Team 2020/21 chart
We have a fantastic team of teachers and leaders who undertake many important roles across the school. Their roles are illustrated here.


Staff Team Leadership Roles  
The Lowther School family's shared vision
All the staff team share the vision that Lowther is a school that is inclusive, safe, exciting and a centre of learning excellence for all your wonderful children.
Sharing skills
Many of our excellent Teaching Assistants are shared between classes.
We're very happy with the quality and balance of skills and experience across the whole of our staff team and it promises to be a great year at Lowther.
  Lowther Staff TV
Our fabulous staff team love trying to inspire your children in different ways. We made these fun videos to entertain the children as part of our annual talent show "Lowtherness live"
  Staff Dance



View the staff team perform an awesome dance routine




Check out some of the team as they roller skate around the school

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