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Lowther Primary School

Stillingfleet Road
London SW13 9AE

Telephone : 020 8748 3984Fax : 020 8846 9334

Email :

Headteacher : Mark Tuffney
Deputy Headteacher : Alastair Ripley

School Business Manager : Beverley Richardson

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Hammersmith Bridge closure - Until major repair works are completed Hammersmith Bridge is closed to all motor vehicle traffic, it is however open for pedestrians.

This is a link to TfL's website where the latest guidance and updates for planning a journey around the bridge area are currently being made available.

TfL also provide a Greater London travel App 'TfL Go' available for iOS & Android Devices from this TFL external link.
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TfL Hammersmith Bridge closure ext link
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Barnes - Castelnau area TFL Maps PDF

Bus 419 or 533 : To Kilmington Road (our nearest bus stops and 2 minutes walk)

Bus 33 or 209 : To Washington Road Stop and 10 minutes walk

Train : To Barnes Station or Barnes Bridge Station and Bus as above

Cycle : Bicycle parking in Lobby entrance enclosed area (just to the left of the gates)

Drive : There are some very limited visitor parking bays marked outside the school and are located at the Boileau Road end of Stillingfleet Road.

There are also parking restrictions in place along Stillingfleet Road between the hours of 10am to 12 Noon, Monday to Friday.
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