School Policies
The school has many policies regarding aspects of school life. These are reviewed on a rolling programme in consultation with Staff and Governors.
We ask for your patience while we update our website, but should you wish to view one of our school policies that are not currently available here then please contact the School Office.
Parent View  

A big thank you to the parents/carers that have taken the time to complete the online Parent View survey. As key stakeholders in the school your views matter.

We'd really like all parents/carers to sign up to Parent View and give their views on the school. It honestly only takes 5 minutes.

We have, do and will make changes to the way the school operates and functions as a result of parent/carer feedback.

As well as Parent View do feel free to share your ideas with Mr Bracken or myself or indeed any of the team in person. We all want to work together to improve Lowther for the children.

For help with using the Parent View facility please read their short guide below.

ParentView Help PDF How to use Parent View (1.18mb)

Access to Site  

Access to Site Policy PDF link Access to Site Policy (88kb)

Accessibility Plan  

Accessibility Plan PDF Accessibility Plan (140kb)


Admissions Policy PDF Admissions Policy (89kb)

Here is the external link to Richmond Council's School Admissions page containing further information, brochures and forms.

Bullying is behaviour that is intended to hurt, threaten or frighten someone else. It damages individual children. At Lowther we take all allegations of bullying extremely seriously.

Anti-Bullying Policy PDF link Anti-bullying Policy (153kb)

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames has also published an Anti-bullying guidance document which can be accessed by clicking here.

Anti-Bullying Primary PDF Anti-bullying Primary (1300kb)

This year National Anti-Bullying Week is scheduled for 15th-19th November 2021. The theme will be: TBA.

A competition, a focus for the month and a variety of links are all available at:


At Lowther, we aim to achieve and then maintain the attendance target set for us by the Local Education Authority.

We aim continually to raise awareness with parents, carers and pupils about the importance of regular attendance and punctuality.

Attendance Policy PDF Attendance Policy (98kb)


At Lowther, we recognise that everyone has shared responsibility to support the school in maintaining high standards of behaviour so that our children are able to be confident, motivated, happy, self-disciplined, healthy, caring, aspiring and well supported young people.

Lowther Governors want all pupils to be able to learn and play in the classroom, the playground and online in a safe and supportive environment.

Willingness to share, to treat themselves and others with respect and kindness, and to be fair to everyone are at the heart of the Lowther School ethos. There is no central list of rules, but each class displays a code of conduct.

Lowther's behaviour strategies are tailored to suit each school phase. The Governors support positive intervention. Rewards come before sanctions, but there must always be clear boundaries and expectations, and these are posted on the school website with the behaviour policy.

Lowther Behaviour Policy PDF Link Behaviour Policy (84kb)

Foundation Stage Strategies for Behaviour PDF Foundation Stage Strategies for Behaviour (0kb) * Currently under review

 KS1 Strategies for Behaviour PDF KS1 Strategies for Behaviour (0kb) * Currently under review

LKS2 Strategies for Behaviour PDF LKS2 Strategies for Behaviour (0kb) * Currently under review

UKS2 Strategies for Behaviour PDF UKS2 Strategies for Behaviour (0kb) * Currently under review


LSF Charging Policy PDF Charging Policy (209kb)

Complaints Procedure  

We are very proud at Lowther to have such excellent relationships with all members of the community. We actively seek to resolve any issues swiftly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

Complaints Procedure Policy PDF Complaints Procedure Policy (154kb)


"We believe that the Equality Act provides a framework to support our commitment to valuing diversity, tackling discrimination, promoting equality and fostering good relationships between people. It also ensures that we continue to tackle issues of disadvantage and underachievement in different groups."

Equalities Objectives PDF Equalities Objectives (86kb)


Exclusion Policy PDF link Exclusion Policy (113kb)

  Health and Safety  

Health and Safety Policy PDF Health and Safety Policy (156kb)

Healthy Packed Lunches  

Here at Lowther Primary, we encourage children who opt for a packed lunch to eat a nutritious lunch in order to stay healthy. Our policy on what we allow is indicated here:

Healthy Packed Lunches Policy PDF Link Healthy Packed Lunches Policy (132kb)

Healthy Break Time Snacks PDF Link Healthy Break Time Snacks Update (202kb)

Home/School Partnership Agreement  

At Lowther we believe that a child's learning journey is a partnership between parents and carers, the school and the children themselves.

Children are at the centre of all we do inside and outside school.

Learning does not stop at the school gates, and so we will support families as their children grow and develop, and we expect families to help us to nurture a love of learning in their children and prepare them for a confident future. Our partnership agreement is a reminder of our shared commitment.

Home School Partnership Agreement PDF Link Home School Partnership Agreement (75kb)


Lowther Homework Policy PDF Link Homework Policy (64kb)

Medical Needs  

Medical Needs Policy PDF link Medical Needs Policy (123kb)

Online Safety and Online Learning Online Safety GuidelinesOnline Safety Guidelines linkOnline Safety Guidelines link  

We expect all pupils to follow our online safety guidelines regardless of where they access the internet (be it at home or school) and through whichever media they're using (iPad, tablet, phone, PC, laptop, etc).

We have also set guidelines for using Google Classroom, Google Meet and Home Learn Connect online facilities.

Onine Safety Policy PDF Online Safety Policy (125kb)

Online Learning Expectations Policy PDF link Online Learning Expectations Policy (465kb)

Skipper says: "Stay safe when using the computer, click on me anywhere on this website to get help and advice about looking after your safety, and please remember to keep safe by being careful not to give out personal information such as your name, email, phone number, home address, or the name of your school to people who you do not know or trust."

The UK Safer Internet Centre, is where you can find the latest e-safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young people stay safe online.

The next 'Safer Internet Day' will be on Tuesday 8th February 2022, further information and help can be found at The theme will be: 'All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online'
Privacy Notice  

LPS Privacy Notice PDF Privacy Notice (154kb)


RSE Policy PDF RSE Policy (6100kb)

Ofsted adopts the definition of safeguarding used in the Children Act 2004 and in the Department for Education and Skills (now DfE) guidance document 'Working together to safeguard children', which focuses on safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare. This can be summarised as:
Protecting children and learners from maltreatment
Preventing impairment of children’s health or development
Ensuring that children and learners are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
Taking action to enable all children to have the best outcomes
Please also view our Online Safety Policy Online Safety Policy Link
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)  
  SEND Information Report PDF  
  SEND Policy PDF link  
  Link to Richmond Local Offer  
Uniform School Uniform PageSchool Uniform Page linkSchool Uniform page  

Please help us to make sure the children look super smart by using the guidelines in our Lowther School Family Uniform Policy.

Uniform Policy PDF Uniform Policy (117kb)

Please also view our Footwear Policy in our School Uniform page here Footwear Policy internal Link
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