At Lowther we love Maths. We have lots of interesting Maths activities available to keep us engaged and learning. Here's a snapshot of some of our Maths works, activities and events. Please also find below some helpful guides in PDF format to view/print/download.
  Maths Calculation Policy and Guides

Here you will find some helpful calculation guides for early years through to year 6 for maths learning and practice. Please click on the images to display/download/print the full documents in PDF Format.

  Calculation EYFS Early Maths PDF Link  
  Year 1 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 2 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 3 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 4 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 5 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 6 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
Lowther Maths Help
Have fun learning how to count with Lowther Bear here (age 3-5)
Add two 2-digit numbers together with a cool easy method here (age KS1)
More cool subtraction strategies here (age 6-9)
Find out how to subtract two numbers using a number line here (age 6-9)
Use the grid to help you multiply large numbers here (age 7-12)
  Maths and Measurement Skills

  Maths Challenge
Fraction Hunt
  STEM Workshop
Maths Investigation

  Fraction Hunt

Hot Maths

Maths Countdown
Everyone loves @C4Countdown. Numbers 6, 4, 8, 9 and 10. Your target is 202. 1 minute off you go! How close did you get? Amelia got it exactly!
More Hot Maths

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