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PLEASE note that the holiday day planned for Monday 1st June has been changed to Tuesday 21st July for practical reasons. This means that the school year will now end on MONDAY 20th July 2020 and not Tuesday 21st July as had previously been the case. It also means school will be operating (either virtually or on site) on Monday 1st June. Thank you for your understanding in why we felt this change was necessary.

Please also note that for the Autumn terms only both Reception and Nursery classes have a slightly different starting schedule. These timetables will be sent directly to parents. All other term dates apply to all classes, including Nursery and Reception.

Summer Term 2020 - Monday 20th April to Tuesday 21st July 2020

Children start - Monday 20th April

Bank Holiday - Friday 8th May

Children finish - Friday 22nd May

Half Term week - Monday 25th May to Friday 29th June

Children start - Monday 1st June

Inset Day - Friday 12th June
Inset Day - Monday 15th June

Children finish - Monday 20th July
Autumn Term 2020 - Wednesday 2nd September to Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Inset Day - Wednesday 2nd September

Children start - Thursday 3rd September

Children finish - Friday 23rd October

Half Term week - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October

Inset Day - Monday 2nd November

Children start - Tuesday 3rd November

Children finish - Friday 18th December
Spring Term 2021 - Monday 4th January to Thursday 1st April 2021

Children start - Monday 4th January

Children finish - Friday 12th February

Half Term week - Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February

Children start - Monday 22nd February

Children finish - Thursday 1st April
Summer Term 2021 - Monday 19th April to Wednesday 21st July 2021

Children start - Monday 19th April

Bank Holiday - Monday 3rd May

Children finish - Friday 28th May

Half Term week - Monday 31st May to Friday 4th June

Children start - Monday 7th June

Inset Day - Friday 18th June
Inset Day - Monday 21st June

Children finish - Wednesday 21st July
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