At Lowther we love learning in lots of different ways. We have lots of trips and exciting events planned throughout the school year. Please see the School Calendar page for upcoming events.

If you would like more details please feel free to enquire at the school office or in the classroom.

Here's a snapshot of some recent events.

  Lowther and the Wetland Centre working together

On Thursday, Year 3 classes took full advantage of Lowther's recent arrangement with The Wetlands Centre to have free access for all Lowther classes. The weather was glorious and both 3C and 3H had a great time bird watching and strolling through the Wetlands on such a beautiful day.

While there was great excitement when the otters began to show off with their splashing and diving, it must be said that our session in the Adventure Playground was a highlight for all!

We know that all the Lowther classes will be planning to tap into this wonderful natural resource, on our doorstep, over the remainder of this school year and beyond.

Scooter Training
St Patricks Day Parade

"Children from our Circus club attended the St Patrick's Day parade in central London - on stilts! Amazing!"


St Patricks Day Parade from Lowther School on Vimeo.

Sportshall Athletics
Nativity Video

Nativity Video 2014 from Lowther School on Vimeo.

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