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At Lowther we love learning in lots of different ways. We have lots of trips and exciting events planned throughout the school year.

Here's a snapshot of some of our previous events...

  Italian Day (sorprendente!)
Italian Day Photo
Richmond Knights Basketball Tournament
Takeover Day
Takeover Day 2012 Slide
Summer Fair
Summer Fair Photos
Barnes Fair
Barnes Fair 2012 Photos
Grounds Day
Grounds Day 2012 slide
Grounds Day 2012 slide2
Pink Day
Pink Day 2012 photos
Community Day

Community Day has been running for 6 years now. This year it started with a big breakfast fry-up – Mums, dads, children, teachers and some of community partners including the police, the community centre and the builders came. We then had a huge whole school warm up session before heading off on our Sport Relief fun run. The police very kindly shut the roads off so we could run on the roads.

The children then had the chance to try all sorts of different activities including cheerleading with the London Broncos.

To finish the day we had our Fair Trade tea with cakes and goodies all made by the children.

Additionally we had parents and staff netball and football and a very special Lowther Alumni vs Current Lowther match.

It was a fantastic day – and really showed what an awesome community there is in North Barnes. Please check it out...


Community Day 2012 from Lowther School on Vimeo.

What a Knight


What A knight 2012 from Lowther School on Vimeo.

Lowther’s Harvest

The children brought in fresh vegetables and fruit, tins and packets for our harvest assembly.

The Year 6 children made up bags of groceries which were taken to the Community Centre to be distributed to the elders. A large parcel of food will also be taken to the Spear Centre in Richmond.


Half of the proceeds raised from the harvest lunch will be sent to the ‘Send a Cow’ charity in Ghana.


We also raised £55 at the Barnes Food Fair from the sale of our home-made chutney and lavender and rosemary bundles.

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