Introduction Homework Policy ยป
At Lowther we provide homework to enrichen and broaden our home school partnership in support of pupils' learning journey. We hope it provides opportunities for learning beyond the classroom setting.
  Practicing and Learning Maths
This section has some very useful tips for practicing and learning some maths skills. How many can you complete and remember?

Happy Counting With Bear from Lowther School on Vimeo.


Have fun learning how to count with Lowther Bear

Suitable for age 3-5


Judy and EMILY from Lowther School on Vimeo.


Add two 2-digit numbers together with a cool easy method

Suitable for KS1


Yr1-Subtracting from Lowther School on Vimeo.


More cool subtraction strategies

Suitable for age 6-9


Subtraction from Lowther School on Vimeo.


Find out how to subtract two numbers using a number line

Suitable for age 6-9


Grid Method from Lowther School on Vimeo.


Use the grid to help you multiply large numbers

Suitable for age 7-12

  Other Homework Tips

Learn how to easily draw a cute cat with Mr T

Suitable for all ages


Draw Portrait 1 from Lowther School on Vimeo.


Learn how to draw a fantastic portrait with 2 Lowther artists

Suitable for all ages

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