Welcome to life in Nursery at Lowther from Mrs Murphy and her team of learners
Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing!  
Nursery Curriculum Guide

  Autumn 2 Reviews  
  Nursery Review 5th December 2022 PDF link 5th December   Nursery Review 21st November 2022 PDF link 21st November   Nursery Review 14th November 2022 PDF link 14th November  
  Nursery Review 7th November 2022 PDF link 7th November   Nursery Review 31st October 2022 PDF link 31st October   Nursery Review 3rd October 2022 PDF link 3rd October  
  Nursery Review 26th September 2022 PDF link 26th September   Nursery Review 19th September 2022 PDF link 19th September        
  Progress Review 12/09/22 PDF Version  

  Progress Review 19/09/22 PDF Version  

  Progress Review 26/09/22 PDF Version  

  Early Years Foundation Stage Guides

The Early Years Foundation StageĀ (Nursery and Reception classes) at Lowther has an exciting and creative curriculum. To find out more about life in Early Years at Lowther and our curriculum offer please follow these links:

  Early Years at Lowther PDF link  
  Reading at Home PDF link  
  Tapestry Programme PDF link  
  What to expect in EYFS PDF link  
Guidance for EYFS PDF External link  
  Maths Calculation Policy and Guides

Here you will find some helpful calculation guides for early years through to year 6 for maths learning and practice. Please click on the images to display/download the full documents in PDF Format.

  Calculation EYFS Early Maths PDF Link  
  Year 1 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 2 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 3 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 4 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
  Year 5 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
Year 6 Calculation Guide PDF Link  
Our first few weeks in Chestnut Nursery

Nursery Activities

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