Welcome to life in Reception at Lowther from Mrs Hughes, Miss Tittle and their team of learners

Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing.

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  Summer 2 in Reception  

Another month means more amazing learning from the children in Reception!

We began the month by learning about St George's Day. We heard the story of George and the dragon, and then worked together to plan a big St George's Day party. We made scones, cakes, sandwiches and decorations, and then wrote invitations to invite Mr Bracken and Mr Tuffney to celebrate with us. It was a brilliant afternoon!

We then moved on to learning about traditional tales. We began by reading Goldilocks, and the children were incredibly shocked to discover that she had come into our classrooms and made a terrible mess! They wrote 'wanted' posters and stuck them around the school to make sure that people knew that she was around and causing trouble. We then read the story of the Three Little Pigs. The children retold the story using story maps, and then added their own imaginative twist by changing the character and the setting. We were very impressed with how creative the stories were! We finished the month by learning all about the Muslim celebration of Eid. The children make Eid biscuits, cards and decorations and Ms Zahra painted their hands with mehndi.

The children have continued to work hard to develop their maths skills this month, reviewing addition, number bonds and subtraction. They have also made excellent progress in their phonics sessions and are now blending much longer words and learning a whole new set of tricky words. We are so proud of them!

Next month we are looking forward to getting out in the sunshine and learning all about minibeasts. We know we already have some minibeast experts in Reception and we cannot wait to hear their fantastic knowledge!

  Summer 1 in Reception  

Reception have absolutely loved being back at school and have settled back brilliantly into Lowther life. We are so incredibly proud of them!

We began last month by reading the story ‘Colour Monster’ and explored how we felt about coming back to school. We then read the story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and used this as an opportunity to explore planting and growing a little bit further. We looked closely at the different parts of a plant and then everyone had a go at planting their very own sunflower seed. The children have been looking after their seeds very well and we are excited to see how these grow and change over the next month. We finished the month by learning about the Christian celebration of Easter. We read the Easter story and discussed the different ways that people choose to celebrate at home.

On the last day of term we were lucky enough to have our own Easter egg hunt on the allotment- it was so much fun!

The children have continued to develop their maths skills since being back at school. They have learned all about 3D and 2D shapes and some of the different language that we can use to describe them. The children have also been working hard to review their Phase 3 sounds and tricky words in their phonics sessions. We are impressed with how well their writing is developing and we think we might have a set of authors on our hands very soon!

We are all very excited to be back at school so that we can continue with lots more learning. This term will be thinking about the season of Spring, celebrating St George’s Day and then exploring some traditional tales. The fun in Reception never stops!

  Spring 2 in Reception  

Reception have continued to blow us away with their incredible resilience and great attitudes to online learning this month. We are so proud of them all!

We began the month by learning about the different sorts of transport that we can find in our local area. The children went on their own transport walks and then created maps to show the route that they took. We then learned all about the festival of Chinese New Year. The children enjoyed reading the story of the Great Race and looking at the different ways that Chinese New Year is celebrated. They decorated their own houses with lanterns and door decorations and then created their own Chinese dragons to dragon dance with! Reception finished the month by celebrating Pancake Day. We read the story of the ‘Runaway Pancake’, retold it using our own puppets and story maps and then had a go at making some pancakes of our own. Delicious!

Making pancakes was not the only opportunity that Reception had to work on their cooking skills this month. Each week Chef Sarah wrote some incredible recipes that the children were able to read them all by themselves. After seeing some of the delicious scones, carrot cake muffins and vegetable noodles that were made we think that the children might be returning to us as professional chefs!

The children have continued to work hard on their maths skills this month and have learned some different strategies to add and subtract numbers. They have also worked hard to learn new digraphs and tricky words in their phonics sessions and are becoming quite confident readers.

We are really looking forward to returning to school next month and spending lots of time working with our friends. We are also going to be learning about growing and the celebration of Easter- we cannot wait!

  Spring 1 in Reception  

The children in Reception have been amazing leaners this month and have really taken the challenge of online school in their stride!

We began the month learning about the season of winter and the children enjoyed going on their own walks around Barnes, looking closely for signs of winter all around them. We then read the story of ‘Naughty Bus’ and the children were shocked to discover that the Naughty Bus had been on the loose in Miss Tittle’s house! They did a fantastic job creating ‘Wanted’ posters to warn people about him and then created junk models of their own Naughty Buses.

At the end of the month we became authors and had a go at writing our own stories for the first time!

Next month we are looking forward to continuing some brilliant Maths and Phonics learning, looking closely at our local area of Barnes and exploring the festival of Chinese New Year. Awesome learning in Reception never stops!

  Autumn 2 in Reception  

December is such a fun time to be in Reception because we learn all about Christmas! We began the month by listening to the Nativity story and then performed in our very first Nativity show. Everyone was so proud of the fantastic singing, dancing and speaking. Shortly after this we learned about how Christmas is celebrated in different places around the world. Some of our friends from Sweden and Poland told us about the traditions that they share with their families. We also learned about the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah and how this is celebrated in some people's homes.

At the end of the month a cheeky elf came into our classrooms and made all sorts of mischief, so we decided to create posters to warn the rest of the school of the trouble that he likes to cause. We do hope that he gets caught soon...

Next month we will be learning all about the season of Winter and begin to look at the story ‘Naughty Bus' by Jan Oke. We are looking forward to our Christmas break but cannot wait to get bock to school to continue on our exciting learning journey!

  Autumn in Reception  

Reception kicked off the month oF November by looking at the season of Autumn. We went on a walk around the school grounds, looking closely at the changes that we could see, and then carefully mixed paints to match the colours of the beautiful leaves that we had found. Shortly after this we marked Remembrance Day, spending time talking about why people wear poppies and then creating our own poppies to plant in the sand pit for the two minutes silence. Everybody was incredibly sensible and respectful.

We have finished off the month by learning all about dinosaurs and have impressed everyone by using our fantastic writing skills to write about our imagination dinosaurs! November has certainly been a very busy time for us in Reception!

Next month we will be learning all about the celebration of Christmas. We are looking forward to performing our first Nativity show, creating decorations, cooking Christmas treats and maybe even receiving a visit from a certain elf on the shelf...

  Reception Harvest Assembly (A little something different)  



Each year group has prepared a performance for you and recorded it. We hope you enjoy watching our Harvest Assembly. You can also watch the full (All year groups) version here.

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The Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception classes) at Lowther has an exciting and creative curriculum. To find out more about life in Early Years at Lowther and our curriculum offer please follow these links:

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Here you will find some helpful calculation guides for early years through to year 6 for maths learning and practice. Please click on the images to display/download the full documents in PDF Format.

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A day in Reception Class
Join Ted as he experiences a day in Reception class at Lowther.
Ted gets to enjoy arriving at school on time, getting settled in class, having lunch and of course most importantly experiencing all sorts of interesting learning opportunities.


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