Welcome to life in Reception at Lowther from Mrs Hughes, Miss Tittle, Mrs Hunter and their team of learners

Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing.

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  Autumn 2 in Reception  

What a superb half term! We can't quite believe we have come to the end of our first half term in Reception!

We started the month learning about Africa, this coincided with Black History Month. We read the story A is for Africa to learn about culture, traditions and animals. Then we moved onto another story 'We're Going on a Lion hunt' the children loved the familiar language of the story and the adventures the two little girls went on! This was followed by reading the story 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Brown. The children absolutely loved retelling the story using actions and then props.

The children have made wonderful progress with their phonic knowledge and are enjoying the challenge of blending words with taught phonemes we have learnt and are starting to read short sentences. They are certainly feeling very grown up taking home their own super jazzy Word Sparks books to share with grown-ups. Over the last few weeks we have started our writing journey first writing posters about footprints we had found in the allotment and then shopping lists for Miss Tittle and Mrs Hughes to get at the shops in preparation for making a fruit salad!

We have continued exploring our environment learning how to make toast in the cooking area, mixing our own powder paint in the creative area and ….

Our final topic of the half term was Autumn. We completed a reading trio with the story 'We're Going on a Leaf Hunt' and went on an Autumn walk. The children got busy making autumn themed crafts from crowns, to making leaf rubbings and their very own leaf people!

We rounded off this wonderful half term performing in our very first whole school assembly. We enjoyed learning our songs Dingle Dangle Scarecrow and the Lowther classic Big Red Combine Harvester and LOVED performing them in front of the big children and grown-ups!

Next month we are looking forward to learning about Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali. We can't wait to get cracking again after a well deserved half term break!



  Autumn 1 in Reception  

We couldn't be prouder of the way the children have settled into life at big school!

The children have had lots of fun exploring the many areas of their new classroom. Learning how to safely use a hammer in the woodwork area to paying for their fruit in the snack shop and enjoying eating it with friends. Oh and outside too, creating delicious dinners in the mud kitchen and potions in the potion area. On windy days the children have made their own kites and have enjoyed physical challenges from basketball to tennis, climbing and creating obstacle courses.

In Phonics we have been working on our oral blending and segmenting skills. We have been super impressed by the children's ability to listen carefully to all the sounds in a word (e.g. p-e-g) and then 'blend' or 'put' the sounds back together (e.g. a child hears p-e-g and says peg). The children have then had the challenge of segmenting words, breaking them up to say each individual sound. We have enjoyed playing lots of games such as I spy, silly soup, cross the river and Kim's game to practise these skills.

In Maths we have explored the concepts of matching, sorting and counting. We had lots of fun matching objects like socks and animals. We moved onto sorting objects into categories such as food, not food, yellow and green as well as the children creating their own categories and playing 'guess my rule' when sorting objects. The children have loved playing the beanbag game, skittles and having a basketball shoot out to practise the skill of counting remembering our two special things putting objects in a line and using our pointing finger to touch each object as we count.

The children have done a super job at sharing as well as listening to peers share their 'All About Me' bags. It has been a delight to hear and see the children so proudly show favourite books and toys, family photos and importantly their favourite food!

We have really enjoyed reading Michael Rosen's We're Going on a Bear Hunt. In preparation for going on our very own Bear Hunt around school, we have retold the story with actions and props, created bear crafts and even made them some dens (in the small world area).

At the end of the day we have been busy with our five minutes of fine motor fun from paper scrunching to peg dancing and next week we will start dough disco. All with the aim to strengthen our fingers for writing! Finally we have loved our brand new 'singing and rhyme time', having a fantastic time singing familiar songs as well as learning new ones. Phew we have been busy! We know the coming month will bring more blossoming friendships and we can't wait for more adventurous exploring and wonderful learning!


  Early Years Foundation Stage Guides

The Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception classes) at Lowther has an exciting and creative curriculum. To find out more about life in Early Years at Lowther and our curriculum offer please follow these links:

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Maths Calculation Policy and Guides

Here you will find some helpful calculation guides for early years through to year 6 for maths learning and practice. Please click on the images to display/download the full documents in PDF Format.

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A day in Reception Class
Join Ted as he experiences a day in Reception class at Lowther.
Ted gets to enjoy arriving at school on time, getting settled in class, having lunch and of course most importantly experiencing all sorts of interesting learning opportunities.


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