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The School Council’s new sports initiative for Thursday lunch-times has been a great success. So far we’ve done Dodge-Ball and Dance.

The dance really was a magic time — as it grew from a few children having a boogie to pretty much the whole school (including grown ups!) getting down!

Pupil Survey

We have just completed our regular survey of pupil views of the school.

This year for the first time the survey was put together by the School Council and Mr Tuffney.

The views that you and your children give us really allow us to shape Lowther in to the school we all love. Thank you all for giving us such helpful feedback. You are all our key stakeholders and your views matter.

Please be assured that we will use the feedback given to us by the children to look very carefully at our provision and the way we do things. After all, their views are the most important of all.


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