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Building Update 11th October 2012 (Completion)

Now our amazing new building is complete sit back and enjoy watching a brilliant video by Mr Tuffney’s technical assistant, Nada of Year 6...


Nada Building Movie Final from Lowther School on Vimeo.

Building Update 11th September 2012


New Building Photo 1New Building Photo 2    

We are all very excited about finally getting the children into the new building space.

Lakehouse have been working tirelessly to keep to the programme and to ensure that the quality we expect at Lowther is met.

The complex nature of the design and the stringent demands governors and the school are putting on the construction team mean that to ensure the very highest quality finish for your wonderful children is taking a little more time than initially expected.

Lakehouse have indicated that the construction will now be complete on the 17th September but there are a number of other things that we have insisted are fully finished before we accept handover.

This does mean that the children will not be moving in now until Monday 24th September 2012. I hope you understand why we have delayed this for a week.

Come and see for yourself on the 17th and you will see the quality, level of detail and inspiring work space that Lakehouse have created. It WILL be worth the extra little wait.

We look forward to showing you round on Monday 17th and the children starting on the 24th.

Building Update 6th August 2012
July 2012
May 2012

BuildProgress040512 from Lowther School on Vimeo.

Here's some early stage progress photos...
April 2012


Friday 23rd March 2012
Friday 24th February 2012

There have been some delays with supply of steel work for the new building.

The programme for development of the site has now been re-scheduled.

We are still expecting the project to be completed on time (by 17th August 2012).

Hopefully you’ve noticed some changes on the site this week as the steel frame goes up.

We will continue to keep you updated on all the latest building news.



Here's some more pictures of the progress






Friday 25th November 2011
Friday 11th November 2011
Friday 4th November 2011

"This week the builders are starting to dig up the foundation and are starting to see where they are going to start building. It looks like they are going to build the building."



Friday 14th October 2011 (Raouf's Building Progress Updates)

"Hello everyone my name is Raouf and I'm in Year 6."

"I'm Mr Tuffeny's personal assistant and I'm going to be updating you some stuff about the new building every week! So keep on looking on the website."

"This is Jamie our site manager. Right now they are not really building but they are setting the site up. It should all start soon."



Ted inspects the new building site...

Ted has already been to check up on the progress with the new building and has made sure that the site is safe, all is in order and everything is on schedule!




You can also see a video of Ted on his fantastic first day as part of the Lowther School Family by clicking here!

Here's a bird's-eye view of our wonderful new Lowther School Family home...
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