Welcome to life in Year 1 at Lowther from Mr Agarwal, Mr Gradidge, Mrs Sandeman and their team of learners

Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing!

Year 1 Curriculum Forecast
Curriculum PDF  

Year 1 Curriculum Forecast PDF link

  Autumn 2 in Year 1  

In Year 1 this term we have been extremely busy with winter festivities, We have been learning about religious and non religious celebrations which we share in our class and have had some children acting as wonderful guest speakers sharing their experiences from home. We have been learning about celebrations such as Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, Hanukkah and Christmas. This has also led to learning about special places of worship in R.E. and talking about places they feel at peace and calm.

In History, we have been investigating the great London Frost Fair of 1684. The children have been discussing the incredible events that occurred such as bringing an elephant down to the frozen River Thames, roasting a whole ox and celebrating with the King and Queen.

Following our formal letters written to the Prime Minister and the Queen, some of the children were invited onto the Pod Save the Queen Podcast. We recorded the podcast this week and we look forward to airing it and sharing it with you.

In Maths, the children have been deepening their understanding of addition and subtraction. Practising their number bonds and mental maths skills. In English we have been working on fractured fairy tales and the children have greatly enjoyed arguing their points of view from the wolf's perspective!

Finally, we have of course been working extremely hard on our Nativity. We have had so much fun planning, rehearsing and filming the scenes for our first ever Nativity movie - we can't wait to share it and we hope you enjoy it too!

  Autumn in Year 1  

In Year 1, the children have been busy engaging with their new topic ‘The Enchanted Forest’. In English, we have been learning about different styles of writing by becoming immersed in our topic and retelling traditional fairy tales. We are excited to begin exploring fractured fairy tales next week.

As part of this topic, we have had some very exciting provision activities available. We have had Lowther Fairies who came to visit. The children were busy writing messages to the fairies and even receiving tiny messages back to read!

In Maths, the children have been working on their understanding of number bonds. Children have been learning to work systematically to solve a missing number problem and developing mental maths skills.

We are now building up to the end of term with rehearsals for a very special Nativity show - It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

  Our Very Special Delivery...  


  Year 1 Harvest Assembly (A little something different)  



Each year group has prepared a performance for you and recorded it. We hope you enjoy watching our Harvest Assembly. You can also watch the full (All year groups) version here.

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