Welcome to life in Year 1 at Lowther from Mrs Sandeman, Mr Gradidge and their team of learners

Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing!

Year 1 Curriculum Forecast
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  Autumn 2 in Year 1  

Well done Year 1 for a very successful start to the year. In English the children have been exploring the Charlie and Lola series by Lauren Child and recently have been writing their own stories. We have seen some wonderful creative writing.

In Maths, the children have been using part whole models to develop an understanding of addition and subtraction. We have been introducing the symbols for addition and subtraction and the children have begun to record their practical learning.

In Geography, we have been mapping our local area and finding out about local landmarks. We have discussed mapping keys and different styles of maps. In History, the children have been comparing old and new photographs of their local area and exploring how Barnes has changed. In computing the children have been using the computing suite and have been practising their mouse control skills. Also, in P.E. the children have been working on gymnastics and they have been developing their balance skills by walking across raised beams, remembering to have arms out straight and eyes on a steady object.

This month has also been Harvest Festival and Black History Month so there have been even more projects on the go! We have been learning about the history of Rosa Parks and the children learned to recite a wonderful poem called Rosa's Ride. As part of their Music and Harvest celebration they have also learned a song called 'Autumn is Here Again'.

We have had a really busy, fun-filled half term and the children have worked incredibly hard. What a successful half term!



  Autumn 1 in Year 1  

Beech and Pine Class have had a really successful start to Year 1. The children were delighted to see each other after the long summer break and have reformed some great friendships in their new classes. The children have taken on the greater expectations of independence, listening and attention skills.

Our first topic of the year is All About Me. This is a great way to get to know the children and we explore the topic through the Charlie and Lola book series by Lauren Child. So far in English, the children have been working on sentence writing. This involves planning their own sentence, counting out the words in the sentence, segmenting (hear/say) the sounds in the words and forming letters correctly. We have also been working on using punctuation like capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

In Maths, the children have been revising their mental maths skills doing speed counting challenges. We then worked on counting in twos and understand the concept of pairs of objects. We then moved on to comparing skills; comparing greater than, less than and equal amounts or quantities. This week, we are working on addition skills and finding number families using The Part Whole Method. If you want to see how the children use a Part Whole Model watch this clip:

In Science, the children have been out and about on Nature Trails around the allotment exploring Autumn and seasonal changes. They have been collecting autumnal objects to discuss in class and even learning an Autumn Song in Music lessons. In Computing, we have been discussing what makes a machine, we have been using iPad to draw pictures and access QR codes. In P.E. the children have been working on their safety skills, independence getting changed into their kit and beginning their work on Gymnastics this term where we develop balance and coordination. Finally, in R.E. the children have been discussing their own family values and discussing how we show respect to different beliefs and ideas.

Well done Year 1 for a fantastic start to the year!



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