Year 2 Elm Group Photo
Year 2 - Elm Class
Year 2 Maple Group Photo
Year 2 - Maple Class
(Photos courtesy of Matt @ PicPerfect)
"Welcome to life in Year 2 at Lowther" from Mrs Puddephat, Miss Treble and their team of learners.

"Here you'll be able to see some of the amazing work we've been doing."

Creative Arts Week Film

Minibeast Posters

Penguin Dance

Sports Festival

Owls To You

Gatton Park

Gatton Park Day Trip PDF Link

ICT Lesson

Science Day

Science Museum Visit

Science Museum Visit PDF link

Bake Off Winners

Bridge Building

ICT Bots

Emperor Penguin Dance

World Book Day


Year 2 Slides

Scooter Training

Scooter Training PDF Link

Year 2 Maths

Year 2 Nativity Cast

Maple Literacy

Takeover Day

Takeover Day PDF Link

Traditional Tales Masks

Traditional Tales PDF Link

Traditional Tales Video

Fireworks Poems

Letters to Parents

Yr 2 Parent Letter - 22nd January 2014

Yr 2 Parent Letter - 17th December 2013

Yr 2 Parent Letter - 8th November 2013

Yr 2 Parent Letter - 30th September 2013

Yr 2 Parent Letter - 10th September 2013

Vacancies: Parents helping here in KS1

We enjoy the partnership we share in your child's education and value the contribution you make at home.

However, if you would like to come in to help on an occasional or regular basis it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have special skills, for example, arts or crafts, or you play an instrument or you have an unusual hobby or pastime, and think the children would be interested in sharing it, please complete the form below. For example, Jenny, our volunteer reader, shares her experiences of being a war evacuee with the class every year around Remembrance Sunday, tying in with our history topic.

If you would like to help out then please download and fill in the form to indicate your availability >>> Helping in KS1.PDF

Curriculum 2013 - 2014

Here you'll be able to see important planning details for the current school year:


* Year 2 Curriculum Forecast PDF

* KS1 Curriculum Forecast PDF

* VCOP Pyramids PDF

* Better Readers for Parents PDF

* Helping your child with Maths PDF

* Helping your child with Writing PDF

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