Welcome to life in Year 3 at Lowther from Miss Palmer, Ms Barker, Miss Rogan and their team of learners

Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing!

Year 3 Curriculum Forecast  

Year 3 Curriculum Forecast PDF link

  Autumn in Year 3  

Year 3 has been busy enjoying lots of activities over the last few weeks. Despite having some end of term assessments to get through, the children have continued to celebrate the magic of Christmas at this special time of year. In Year 3, we have been learning a song linked to the story of Christmas that the children are looking forward to performing. We have been busy making Christmas cards for communities in Malaysia who have been hit by an earthquake and hope to share some Christmas cheer with them. Year 3 are looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the 'Jack and the Beanstalk’ Panto, as well as visiting Santa in this final week of term.

In other areas of the curriculum, the children have loved getting stuck into some fossil making and learning about the fossilisation process.

In P.E, we ended the term with a mini netball tournament, where the children showcased their fantastic skills and demonstrated wonderful teamwork - they had a ball!

  Autumn in Year 3  

In year 3 we have been busy learning about our new science topic of Rocks and Soils. We are learning new, adventurous vocabulary and now understand what tricky scientific words such as sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous mean. This half term, we have become real geographers and are putting our skills to the test to find out all we can about earthquakes and what causes them to occur. We hove linked this learning into our English and ICT topics, where we hove begun to create an information text on Earthquakes. We used our researching skills to gather and collect information and create appropriate subheadings under which we can record and document our findings.

We have begun to plan our new D&T project, where we will be using our embroidery and sewing skills to create something special. We are continuing to enjoy mastering addition and subtraction in maths.

Our skills in netball are coming along nicely, and we will be soon ready to play some inter year matches to showcase our great teamwork.

  Year 3 Harvest Assembly (A little something different)  



Each year group has prepared a performance for you and recorded it. We hope you enjoy watching our Harvest Assembly. You can also watch the full (All year groups) version here.

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