Welcome to life in Year 3 at Lowther from Miss Palmer, Ms Barker, Miss Rogan and their team of learners

Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing!

Year 3 Curriculum Forecast  

  Science Week in Year 3  

  Summer 2 in Year 3  

This month has flown by in year 3! We have been busy working on our writing skills and creating some excellent Egyptian stories, full of suspense and tension. The children have impressed with their use of personification and other descriptive devices to help bring their story to life.

In maths, we have begun to look at fractions and are looking forward to deepening our knowledge and understanding of this area of the maths curriculum throughout the next half term also.

Over the past month, many celebrated Eid and we also shared in these celebrations in year 3, decorating our corridors and learning all about the festival of Eid and the Islam religion.

In science, we have loved learning all about how the plants around us grow. We have enjoyed learning about all the different parts of the life cycle of a plant from germination to seed dispersal and we, the teachers, have loved seeing and hearing about the children's trips to the Isabella Plantation to explore a wider range of botanical beauty.

Our history topic, the Egyptians, has taken us back in time. We are loving learning all about the different ways that the Egyptians lived and the traditions that they upheld. We will continue to look at this next half term and soon be expert Egyptologists.

Throughout the half term we have been getting ready for sports day, learning and perfecting different athletic skills during our P.E lessons.



  Summer 1 in Year 3  

Although only being back at school for 3 weeks in April, it was a busy and jam packed month! The children returned to school with great enthusiasm and excitement. We kicked off our return with celebrating world book day where the children showcased some of their favourite books and bedazzled us all with wonderful costumes. We all had a lot of fun celebrating a wide range of fantastic children’s literature.

In English, we used our poetry skills to create some great Mother’s Day poems before moving on to take ourselves on an adventure to Pompeii by delving into the book ‘Vacation under a Volcano’. The children used their knowledge of descriptive writing techniques to create wonderful action packed stories based on the setting and characters of this book. In maths, the children have continued to widen and deepen their understanding of multiplication and division and are beginning to use formal written methods to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit numbers.

Science week was full of fun and practical experiments that explored a wide range of forces that are around us each day. We discussed how these forces can be harnessed to create innovative change for the better. In art, year 3 looked at a range of pictures and paintings that have emerged through lockdown and these pieces of art can be reflective of feelings and emotions of this restrictive time. We linked this to our PSHE learning, identifying some feelings we experienced during the lockdown period and then chose pictures and colours to help express them through art. We then applied these to a multimedia self-portrait- using paint, collage and photography to bring it all together.


  Spring 2 in Year 3  

In year 3 we kicked off the month learning all about the Chinese New Year. The children did a fantastic job at continuing to develop their speaking and listening skills by writing, editing and re-telling the story in their own words.

In Art and D&T the children drew and created puppets of all the animals in the story. The children displayed their dramatic talents by dressing up in costume to re-tell the story of how the Chinese New Year came about. You can check out these videos on our google classroom - we think they are great!

We have come back after our break well rested and this half term in English, we have started our fair trade project, learning all about where the food we eat comes from and how it gets to the shelves in the supermarket. With it coming up to Easter, we thought it a good idea to learn about where chocolate comes from and are busy writing explanation texts to share our knowledge with others.

We have kicked off our multiplication topic in maths and Year 3 have certainly shown what amazing mathematicians they all are.

We have just started our new unit in Science - Plants! We can’t wait to begin to see all the trees begin to blossom over the next few weeks :)



  Spring 1 in Year 3  

Despite it not being the start to the Spring term we all would have liked, Year 3 have impressed us all with their engagement and eagerness to get stuck into online learning.

We kicked off the Spring term in maths looking at measurement of Length and perimeter. The children did fantastic at converting between two units of measurement and finding the perimeters of different 2D shapes. In English, we spent the first two weeks focusing on using adverbs and adverbial phrases effectively in a sentence. This really helped us when we began writing our ‘Screen Your Story’ stories as we worked on creating exciting sentences with a variety of different sentence starters. In science, Year 3 has been exploring all about the human body and is mastering the names of the different bones that make up our skeleton. We are continuing our pre-historic learning in history, exploring all about the Bronze age, and why this era was so important in the development of how humans live.

In art, the children have continued to wow us with their fantastic artwork from perspective art to illusionist art. The children are showing wonderful commitment to their learning and we don’t forget to have a bit of fun either.

Each Thursday we have a themed day where we all follow a similar theme by wearing hats, a same colour etc. which we find puts a smile on our faces. Looking forward to seeing what other wonderful work the children create as we continue on this home-learning journey.


  Autumn 2 in Year 3  

Year 3 has been busy enjoying lots of activities over the last few weeks. Despite having some end of term assessments to get through, the children have continued to celebrate the magic of Christmas at this special time of year. In Year 3, we have been learning a song linked to the story of Christmas that the children are looking forward to performing. We have been busy making Christmas cards for communities in Malaysia who have been hit by an earthquake and hope to share some Christmas cheer with them. Year 3 are looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the 'Jack and the Beanstalk’ Panto, as well as visiting Santa in this final week of term.

In other areas of the curriculum, the children have loved getting stuck into some fossil making and learning about the fossilisation process.

In P.E, we ended the term with a mini netball tournament, where the children showcased their fantastic skills and demonstrated wonderful teamwork - they had a ball!

  Autumn in Year 3  

In year 3 we have been busy learning about our new science topic of Rocks and Soils. We are learning new, adventurous vocabulary and now understand what tricky scientific words such as sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous mean. This half term, we have become real geographers and are putting our skills to the test to find out all we can about earthquakes and what causes them to occur. We hove linked this learning into our English and ICT topics, where we hove begun to create an information text on Earthquakes. We used our researching skills to gather and collect information and create appropriate subheadings under which we can record and document our findings.

We have begun to plan our new D&T project, where we will be using our embroidery and sewing skills to create something special. We are continuing to enjoy mastering addition and subtraction in maths.

Our skills in netball are coming along nicely, and we will be soon ready to play some inter year matches to showcase our great teamwork.

  Year 3 Harvest Assembly (A little something different)  



Each year group has prepared a performance for you and recorded it. We hope you enjoy watching our Harvest Assembly. You can also watch the full (All year groups) version here.

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