Welcome to life in Year 3 at Lowther from Miss Palmer, Mr Picken and their team of learners

Please see below for some examples of the amazing work we've been doing!

Year 3 Curriculum Forecast  

  Autumn 2 in Year 3  

October was another busy month for Year 3. We have been learning about Light and Darkness in Science – we have been fascinated by how light travels. We have challenged our own understanding of what is light and now know that light is more than “just electricity” (as commented by a 3P student). We have learned that light travels in straight lines and can be reflected or absorbed depending on the surface it interacts with. We have carried out various experiments investigating how we can change the direction of light and have learned that some surfaces are better than others to change the direction of light

Science is not the only subject where we have been exploring different concepts and challenging our prior understanding. In Maths, we have completed our Place Value unit and are learning how to add and subtract using 3-digit numbers. We are developing our understanding of what happens when we add digits that have a total of more than 10. We are developing the skill of using part-whole model and the number line to solve these calculations. We are excited about learning how to use the column method to solve such calculations more efficiently and quickly.

October was also Black History Month and Year 3 was not left in the dark! Ms Palmer set the challenge of learning the 54 countries in Africa and enticed us with a Prize for the person who learned the most countries. Not only that, Year 3 also learned about 5th century trade links between England and the Gold coast. We learned about the significance of kente cloth. During Art and Design, we created our own kente cloth designs. Additionally, Year 3 learned a dance, which we performed in a whole school assembly. The dance used ballet and African dance.



  Autumn 1 in Year 3  

Year 3 have had a very busy start to the year!

We celebrated Roald Dahl day with craft, science experiments, reading and of learning about Roald Dahl himself! Roald Dahl Day was an exciting start to our English unit studying poetry. We have been focussed on developing our understanding of poetic devices and creating poems that are entertaining for the reader. The children have learnt about amazing alliteration, onomatopoeia and rhyming couplets. We are very excited about sharing the poems we have created in Performance Poetry Assembly. Along with English, the children have been extremely engaged during History and Art lessons.

We have been studying Stone Age in history. This was complimented by art lessons where we learned about rock and cave art. We have used charcoal, chalk, pastels and shading pencils to create art work inspired by the Stone Age and art created in the Stone Age. The children have displayed their curiosity and interest to learning about the past when doing observational drawings. They practised their observation in preparation for drawing Stonehenge and the Neolithic houses near Stonehenge. Our Stonehenge trip was a huge success with children learning lots about how stone age people lived. The children were especially impressed by the shear size and structure of Stonehenge!



  Stonehenge Visit
  Roald Dahl Day in Year 3  

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