Year 3
"Welcome to life in Year 3 at Lowther" from Mrs Colenso, Mrs Cox and their team of learners.

"Here you'll be able to see some of the amazing work we've been doing."

  Reading at Home  


Reading at home every night is an expectation we have of all children in Year 3.

Please encourage your child to read every night for at least 15 minutes and then sign their journal. Please click here to View\Print our 'Reading at Home' Letter.

Roman Workshop

Year 3 have been learning about the Romans and have taken part in a Roman workshop.

“Serena took us back in time to the Roman invasion of Britain to find out about life in Celtic and Roman Britain and we found out why people invaded and settled in Britain in the past.

We started off by pretending that we were four different tribes, all with different monetary systems. This meant that we didn’t like each other as we couldn’t exchange goods.

The Romans came along and gave us the same money so that we could trade with each other.

We created a drama about a typical Roman day. The poor old servants had to fetch water, light fires and all in silence because if they woke up the master of the villa he could have them killed!

Reuben and Lilly were the heads of the house and had servants for everything. Servants to get them dressed, servants to wash them, servants to feed them and tidy up after them.

Reuben went to the Roman Bath with his male friends (women weren’t allowed) and Lilly met with her lady friends for gossip!

We improvised a scene to tell the story of the Boudicca revolt and had great fun fighting in slow motion! We love learning about the Romans!”


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Science Investigation






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