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Year 4 Curriculum Forecast  

Year 4 Curriculum Forecast PDF link

  Spring 2 in Year 4  

Remote Learning continues to go at full speed in Year 4! I have been so impressed by how the children have handled this lockdown period, maintaining such a positive outlook and excellent work ethic as they mastered the ins and outs of Google Classroom.

In English we have been working on a variety of writing styles and working on improving and stretching our vocabulary with the children producing some marvellous instruction writing, newspaper articles and now trying their hand at formal letters.

In Maths, we have continued to work on multiplication, focusing on perfecting our recall of those trickier times tables and also looking at different written methods. We have now moved on to a focus on division, looking at both mental and written methods. Division is not the easiest of mathematical operations to master, but the children have really embraced the challenge! Once we are back in school our next topic will be fractions.

Once again, the support from parents during this difficult Lockdown period has been nothing short of amazing and very much appreciated by both me and the Year 4 TA team.

We are so excited to all be together again on the 8th March – the countdown is officially on! Until then, keep up the excellent work Year4 – you’re fantastic!

  Spring 1 in Year 4  

Remote Learning has got off to a good start in Year 4 this month! The children have shown amazing resilience and I have been so impressed by how well they have adapted to Google Classroom and a new way of learning. In English they are on the way to becoming the next generation of best-selling authors, building some truly fantastic adventure stories.

In Maths, we have spent some time recapping our addition and subtraction skills before working on perimeter of shape. We have also continued to work on multiplication, focusing on perfecting our recall of those trickier times tables through lots of different methods.

The children are doing an excellent job of challenging themselves and trying their hand at some of my weird and wonderful methods – like times table themed karaoke!

The support from parents has been brilliant, and so appreciated as we’ve all adjusted to the new platform and to living and working in Lockdown 3. It wasn’t what we hoped for, for 2021, but the children are showing that they can achieve amazing things, even remotely. I can’t wait until we all get to be together again, but until then - keep it up Year4! You’re awesome!

  Autumn 2 in Year 4  

Christmas spirit has been in full swing in Year 4 this month!

The children have really honed in on their comprehension skills in English, thinking about how we can find information in a text. In Maths we have continued to work on multiplication, focusing on fluency and recall so that we can quickly recall timestable questions out of order. The children are really enjoying challenging themselves!

We have also been lucky enough to receive a (virtual) visit from Santa Claus, and to watch a pantomime, provided by the PTA, which was great fun!

Finally, the children had an amazing time practising and performing their Christmas songs - I hope you enjoy watching them too! Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us in Year 4 - can't wait to see what the New Year has in store!

  Autumn in Year 4  

We have been incredibly busy in year 4! The children have truly thrown themselves into our Geography topic of Rainforests this term. Initially we focused on where rainforests are located in the world, their climate, and the creatures that call these areas home. We then delved deeper into why rainforests are so important, what deforestation is, and its causes. We have linked our Geography learning closely to our English and Art/DT units where the children have been creating balanced arguments and creative pieces, alongside looking at indigenous art and creating our own sculptures using natural resources. The leaf-bowl sculptures are truly stunning and the children are really looking forward to bringing them home and giving them to someone special!

In Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of the foundations of Maths, with place value, addition and subtraction and now multiplication as our focus areas. Year 4 have been working hard to try different methods and are on their way to becoming timestables superstars!

Finally we have been lucky enough to have had two themed days and a visit so far this term! We took part in the wonderful Roald Dahl Day alongside Year 3 and celebrated our Rainforests topic with a brilliant 'Rainforest Day' at the end of October. We also had a fantastic visit from the CLC who came last week to run an ICT workshop on robotics. The children were amazing and loved programming and controlling their very own robots. What a term we’ve had already! Bring on Christmas!

  Year 4 Harvest Assembly (A little something different)  



Each year group has prepared a performance for you and recorded it. We hope you enjoy watching our Harvest Assembly. You can also watch the full (All year groups) version here.

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