Year 6 group photo
Year 6
"Welcome to the Year 6 part of the Lowther website" from Mr Pritchard and his team of learners.spacer(Photo courtesy of Matt)

"Here you'll be able to see some of the amazing work we've been doing."

Celebration Movie

Food Art

Food Art Pics

BreakDance Movie

"October is Black History Month and so Y6 looked at the roots and history of breakdancing and hip hop culture. Check out the video to get a taste of dance history."


Year 6 Videos

"In Year 6 we've made our own pop videos. We used Billy Joel's 'We didn't start the fire' as our inspiration for our songs about technology and how things have changed.

This was part of Life in Britain since 1948 project.

We made all of the movie including writing the lyrics, finding the pictures and putting it all together using Movie Maker. It took quite a while to get it right but it was great fun."



Year 6 Movies

Year 6 have used Movie Plus to create these amazing World War 2 timeline movies. Watch them to learn even more about the Second World War.







Year 6 Art

Year 6 Art 1


Year 6 Art 2

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