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Year 6 Curriculum Forecast  

  Autumn Term 2 Review

  Autumn 2 in Year 6

Year 6 have continued learning and working at a rocket pace and are having a brilliant start to the year! We have begun swimming at St Paul’s and also visited Holly Lodge to learn about Richmond Park during WW1.

As part of our WW2 topic, we have been learning about the countries involved in the war and their leaders, focussing especially on the commonwealth countries that supported Britain and her allies. This was further explored during our Black History Month learning, where we learnt about the Windrush and the impact that this important vessel had on changing British society in the post-war years.

We presented our learning during the diversity assembly, and you can view our fantastic presentation (and more of our learning!) on our year group webpage on the school website :)

Our Holly Lodge trip was great fun, and we learnt how to dig for victory, send signals by semaphore, as well as bandage wounds! The guides explained to us the important role that Richmond Park played during both WW1 and WW2, and we saw at first-hand how the country changed during this period. We also used our time in the park to conduct a fantastic maths investigation, measuring the height of trees and estimating their ages.

In Maths this half term we have been learning about place value and operations, and applying these into different reasoning and problem solving contexts. We enjoyed learning about BODMAS – the order of operations to solve difficult problems – and using this knowledge to crack codes and break down multi-step challenges. This learning, along with long division (!) and the high expectations in Year 6, has been challenging at times, but we have seen great resilience from the children and a real appetite to succeed!

We have continued to learn about Light in our science lessons; investigating how light is refracted in a prism and how shadows are formed and can change size. One lesson that we greatly enjoyed was investigating how the human eye functions, and proving that we all have a ‘blind spot’ that can seriously inhibit our daily vision!

In computing, we have introduced the concept of ‘physical computing’, exploring the potential of Micro:Bits as hardware we can code and program to carry out a function in reality. We have been coding on the screen, using different instructions and computing languages, and then flashing this to the hardware to observe out algorithms come to life!

We are looking forward to more upcoming trips, including the National Army Museum and a special Science, Technology and Engineering day at school, as well as all the magic that Christmas at Lowther has to offer! :)

Book recommendation: Kay’s Marvellous Medicine by Adam Kay


Windrush Film
  Autumn Term 1 Review

  Autumn 1 in Year 6  

Welcome back! We have had a busy start to the new school year: we have already been on two trips and eagerly started new learning and new routines!

Over the autumn term, our learning will focus around World War II. We will firstly look at the outbreak of war and what life was like throughout it, particularly for those living in London during the Blitz. Our English work this term will link closely to our theme on World War II and will include descriptive writing, writing newspaper reports and information texts.

We have visited a local air-raid shelter in Sheen and learnt about our local area, and spent an instructive day exploring the Imperial War Museum. Children (and adults) greatly enjoyed investigating the many vehicles, machines and artefacts on display!

We continue with the theme of war and espionage with our unplugged Computing lessons on Cryptology and how we can create our own codes using algorithms and different types of cyphers.

In Maths, we are ensuring our understanding of place value and operations are spot on, while our Science topic for the term is Light, and we have begun investigating how light travels and how we see colours. We have conducted a number of experiments around code-breaking, creating shadows and proving that light travels in a straight line. We are looking forward to building periscopes and finding blind spots in the coming weeks!

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