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Welcome to the ICT Project... Here you will be able to see some of the amazing work we've been doing...
  Pop Videos

"In Year 6 we've made our own pop videos. We used Billy Joel's "We didn't start the fire" as our inspiration for our songs about technology and how things have changed.

This was part of Life in Britain since 1948 project.

We made all of the movie including writing the lyrics, finding the pictures and putting it all together using Movie Maker. It took quite a while to get it right but it was great fun."





ABC Videos

"Check out our ABC videos".

"We were given the challenge of making a short educational video for younger children using the Jackson 5's classic song ABC."









Year 4 Videos

Year 4 have made these instructional videos to help you to improve your ICT skills.

Why don’t you check them for yourself and see if you learn something new.


Year 1 have been doing an experiment to see what a plant needs to live and grow.

Watch and learn about the experiment here!

We have made some videos in ICT to give you a sneaky behind the scenes peek at life at Lowther:




In ICT, as an extra challenge, Year 6 pupils have been learning how to develop animation.

Please check them out!

To check out our very first animations just click on each picture and watch!


AbiAlexAlfieAnim 2


KarlaKelisKelis 2Komal

KomalPreetMaxMax 2

MillieMillie 2

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