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Autumn Term 2017 - 4th September to 21st December
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Children start - Tuesday 5th September

Inset Day - Monday 4th September
Inset Day - Monday 30th October

Half Term week - 23rd October to 27th October

Term ends - Thursday 21st December


Autumn Term = 73 days

Spring Term 2018 - 3rd January to 29th March

Children start - Thursday 4th January

Inset Day - Wednesday 3rd January

Half Term week - 12th to 16th February

Term ends - Thursday 29th March


Spring Term = 59 days

Summer Term 2018 - 16th April to 20th July

Children start - Monday 16th April

Bank Holiday - Monday 7th May

Half Term week - 28th May to 1st June

Inset Day - Thursday 14th June
Inset Day - Friday 15th June

Term ends - Friday 20th July


Summer Term = 63 days

Autumn Term 2018 - 3rd September to 21st December

Children start - Monday 3rd September

Inset Day - TBA
Inset Day - TBA

Half Term week - 22nd October to 26th October

Term ends - Friday 21st December


Autumn Term = 75 days

Spring Term 2019 - 7th January to 5th April

Children start - Monday 7th January

Inset Day - TBA

Half Term week - 18th to 22nd February

Term ends - Friday 5th April


Spring Term = 60 days

Summer Term 2019 - 23rd April to 23rd July

Children start - Tuesday 23rd April

Bank Holiday - Monday 22nd April

Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May

Half Term week - 27th May to 31st May

Inset Day - TBA
Inset Day - TBA

Term ends - Tuesday 23rd July


Summer Term = 60 days

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