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Welcome to our School...
"Welcome to the Lowther School Family" from Headteacher Mark Tuffney and Deputy Headteacher Dermot Bracken



"The Lowther School Family is very special. Lowther is a unique place of learning because of our wonderfully enthusiastic children, skilled colleagues, committed and supportive families and community partners. Please come to visit us so that you can experience the atmosphere and see the children’s confidence and enthusiasm for learning."

"We truly believe in the children having opportunities to thrive in the wider aspects of school life. The school family is committed to providing children with an exciting education where the core subjects are interspersed with art, drama, cooking, ICT and sport. We want all our pupils to love being at Lowther."

"The Lowther School Family is thriving and growing. We have exciting times ahead as our school home blossoms and we expect everyone to take pride in keeping it clean, bright and sparkling. That is why our displays of the children’s work, the garden and the litter-free grounds are an important contribution to the learning and pastoral care that every school adult is committed to provide for our wonderful children and their families."


"Welcome to the Lowther School Family" from School Manager Sharon Day



"A very warm welcome to the Lowther School Family. We are here to help your family get the most from being part of the North Barnes community."

"Please do get in touch if there's anything you’d like to know about the Lowther School Family."

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"Welcome to the Lowther School family" from the pupils

"Lowther Primary School is the best! Everybody gets on really well and you have loads of friends. The teachers are friendly and teach excellent lessons."

"Some of the best things about Lowther are the fun lessons, all the trips we get to go on, the brilliant plays and drama we do, and we've got wicked clubs too!"

What's life like at Lowther?

"Let the children talk you through their views of their school in this short film."


"Join us on a virtual tour of our school – entirely filmed, edited, directed and starring the pupils of Lowther."


"This video includes a visit to our Sustainability\Allotment Project and also the Foundation Stage."


"At Lowther we're very proud of the facilities we have for our wonderful children. This short video gives you an insight into the grounds, buildings and facilities we have here at Lowther."


"Enjoy watching our first day back at school as children begin a new year of learning with the Lowther School Family."

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